Monday, April 2, 2012


Hi all!

I have to post this everywhere possible because I am getting a jump start on my spring cleaning and quickly realizing how big my yarn stash really is.  Here's a hint: it will not fit in my hubby's CR-V, even with all the seats down!  That means, as sad as I am to say this, I have to get rid of some of it.  I'm going to be selling it on in order to get some additional capital for a few of the projects I have to do before we open (like decorate, paint, buy a few additional fixtures, etc.).  If you're a Ravelry member, click here.

All that I have listed has to go.  In order to save costs after the store opens, I must get rid of our storage unit and my yarn stash is preventing additional items from getting back into our basement.  Yup, I'm bordering on being a yarn hoarder.  :)  I'm currently only shipping the stash to the US and Canada because it's more expensive to ship International.  Prices are about 50% of retail for each item and I have about two or three more boxes of yarn to take photos of (I'm hoping to cut my stash by at least 50% within the next week).