Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Holidays!

With all the holiday craziness going on, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!

Current Projects
I am happy to report that my first sale took place this past week.  It was a custom order sweater vest, much like the one on the left.  It was in a solid forest green rather than with white trim, made from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino  The vest was made and shipped within 3 days and I actually got some other stuff done in the process.

I finished 6 out of the 10 hats that my brother-in-law ordered from me.  I gave him the hats on Saturday so that he could have a few to give away at a concert that took place that evening.  He was really happy that the hats turned out well.  So I guess that means that I can get over my fail isle phobia.

Tonight, I was able to finish up a pair of socks that I made for my aunt.  I don't have any pictures right now because I happened to spill some red soda on the foot of the sock (as I was finishing the sock!).  It's soaking in OxyClean to get rid of the stain.  I will dry it out tonight, take photos and ship them out tomorrow.  If they don't get there by Christmas, they'll double as a birthday present for her (which is on New Year's Eve).  I'll be working on a few other gifts for family before Christmas, so I'll definitely be busy.

I've been putting together ideas for my business plan as well, thinking about which yarns I'd like to carry if I open a yarn shop and figuring out logistics such as location, online vs. actual shop, etc.  I won't officially get started on the business plan until after the holidays, but the excitement has been overwhelming.  I really want to get this craft business going, but I know I'm going to take it easy and do this on a schedule that is good for me and my family.  Wish me luck!

Coming soon
New Year's brings new opportunities for us, seize the day!


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