Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Little Sewing To Relax

Current Projects
Today I finished Peanut's Fleece Packer outfit.  Why make it?  My child has a head the size of an adult (20" around) and we have to always buy his shirts a size or two bigger so as to not shove his eyeballs into his head putting on a shirt.  Not to mention his torso is a little bit long for his age too.  Well, unfortunately, it's not cost effective to buy two track suits, one that fits the bottom and one that fits the top, so I picked out a McCall's pattern where I could make the jacket bigger and the pants smaller.

I've never sewn with fleece before, so it was definitely a challenge.  I started with my mother's Brother sewing machine, which "jacked up" several seams on the jacket.  It took 3 days to finish what was considered an EASY pattern!!!  Got home, used my new Brother machine that I got for Mother's Day, and it was easy peasy.  So here's what it looks like:

Cute, isn't he?!
A green pocket on both the left sleeve and pant leg...

Hood on the jacket and contrast color pockets lined up
after some help from my mother and my uncle (designer Ashley Stewart)

And now some clapping for our undefeated Packers!
One thing I'll say about working with fleece: I hate it!  But it was a learning experience about different machine stitches and stretching one layer of the fabric as part of a pattern look.  So after this I tackled making a double-sided fleece Packer blanket (pictures to come once I catch Peanut napping under it).  Still hate working with fleece, but I won't discount it as a viable fabric to use if and when necessary.

Coming Soon
Fall jumper is almost done!  Yea, we got a lot of work done today!


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