Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Yarn Addict with Designer's Block

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I realized that out of all the bins upon bins (upon bins) of yarn that I have, there are not many balls of yarn that are "girly" colors.  So, yes, I went out and bought way too much double knit yarn in pinks and purples all with dreams of frilly or lace cardigans in mind.  Of course, when I got home, I immediately got designer's block!  I sat in my room for 6 hours wondering what I could do with all this yarn and not one project came to mind. 

Cabled Sweater Vest - Newborn
I spoke with one knitter at the Knitting Knook regarding this issue, mainly that of finding books on designing for babies.  Yea, you can look up measurements for babies, but without a baby girl in your house to try things on, you're kinda out of luck.  And I wondered, what is actually out there for little girls and how can I make something a little different.  My mind kept wandering back to sweater vests, especially since I just finished one for my Etsy shop.

Why are girls so much more complicated?  When it comes down to it, they really aren't.  My problem is I want to do seamless sweaters and dresses, but I don't have anyone to measure to make the proper sized yoke.  I know what measurements to take, but I'm lost on where to start or even estimate the average size of a baby in sizes like newborn or 6-12 months.  I've really only been a "yarn addict" for less than a year.  I see it as learning the ropes of a new job, training myself as I go along.  One day, I'll look back at my naive stage and laugh about how I was stressing over simple things.

Reluctantly modeling a hat for Etsy.
I hate having my picture taken,
but, the fam seems to like the picture.
Of all things though, my extended family has liked the few hats I've made.  I'm even making some for them for Christmas.  My brother-in-law also requested that I make handmade hats that he could give away with his band's name on them.  Ten hats in all and he'd pay!  Even though I avoid fair isle at all costs, I agreed.  I designed a knit chart for the band name, "Suboscillator" in block letters and actually did a good job on the fair isle part.  It wasn't tight or anything...but the prototype was a little too big.  Tonight I'm re-working the hat design, mainly just using smaller needles and a different rib pattern on the brim (which bro liked better anyway).  The stressful part is that I have to finish it by tomorrow evening so the hat can be delivered to another band member to show off at a concert (I'm taking "working" a break right now).  Wish me luck.

Coming Soon
It's going to be 2012 soon...gotta start thinking spring.  In the meantime, some yarn dyeing?  Stay tuned.


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