Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mad About Hats

Knit Madness
With fall in full swing, I have been knitting like crazy.  So many fall and winter projects to do and so little time left!  I discovered a new love though...for hats!  I found a tutorial for hat design and I was instantly hooked.  Since finishing Peanut's Fall Sweater Vest, I have made the following:

Kid's Packer Beanie

Simply Elegant Beanie

Pointed Hat
(Simple Stockinette Stitch Hat with Butterfly)

Green and Gold Sox
I attemped another baby beanie a few times, but each time, either Peanut or Q figured out a way to pull out a needle from one side and I'd have to start over again.  The  I messed up the lace pattern I found and finally gave up.

To be sure, these aren't the only things I've been working on.  I also finished the Falling Leaves jumper which will be photographed tomorrow around the Bed and Breakfast.  It is my favorite project that I've worked on, and I am so happy that it's finished.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves once I post them.

Coming Soon
More hats, scarves, and winter apparel are coming to the Etsy shop.  Keep checking back!


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