Friday, November 18, 2011

Block Busted!

We've reached over 300 views of the blog, but we still need followers!  If you like the blog, please follow us as we begin to build the business.  :)

Knitting Madness
I finally got a little inspiration today. Back in May, when my aunt came to town for my grandfather's funeral, she asked me to make her a couple of pairs of socks. She had recently heard of my sock knitting obsession from my mother and wanted some funky socks to wear to school (she's a gifted artist and art teacher). I quickly made her one pair, th Pink Swirl socks.

For the second pair, she wanted something in blue and ivory/off white. I initially tried doing some entrelac socks in alternating colors, but didn't like the results. So now, I picked out a wavy lace pattern in which I can alternate colors. I also discussed some business with my hubby at dinner and confirmed that it will probably be a good idea to start on some of my spring knitting as soon as I finish knitting Christmas gifts for family members and the 10 hats I am making for my brother-in-law.

I still may include some more winter items for the Etsy shop, but will focus on spring and Easter kids designs and see if I can do well with that. I also want to get back into the yarn dyeing since I've put that off for a few months (my husband does not like the smell).

Coming Soon
Thanksgiving is around the corner. We are thankful for the opportunity to grow the Cherished Moments shop this year and forthe support from friends and family in the process. Tell us what you are thankful for.


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