Friday, April 22, 2011

Current Projects
I spent yet another day buying supplies since I have day specific coupons to our local craft store. This time I got a huge discount on yarn because the cashier misunderstood what I meant by certain yarn I had was on clearance. She ended up marking down all the yarn I had. I ended up spending only $30 on over $75 worth of yarn! I also found an amazing book that helped me create a sweater vest template for my husband and son. From this book, I determined that a made a few key errors:

1. I did not shape the armholes correctly. The armholes I made were square, rather than circular.
2. I also did not include shoulder shaping in the front and back of the garment.

I am now halfway through a sweater vest, sized 2-4 years. At the end of the day, I was exhausted, but happy that I was able to figure out the errors that I had made and learned from my mistakes. My goal now is to make a few different designs over the next few weeks, which will allow me to start posting items on at or before my deadline of June 1, 2011. My goal is to have my first sale by mid June. Wish us luck!

Coming Soon
Pictures of the completed sweater vest will be posted once completed. The vest will also be listed on


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