Sunday, April 17, 2011


I started Cherished Moments in October 2008, shortly after I married my husband. I had just spent the previous year planning my own wedding while working full-time. After I had a few events under my belt, my life switched gears due to the arrival of my first child, whom we we lovingly call Peanut. As a result, I put a huge part of my business on hold to take a better job, but it did come at a price. I was unhappy working 15 hour days in a bad neighborhood with nothing to show for it. During that time, friends and family continuously asked me how my business was doing. That made me realize, why am I working so hard at something that was not fulfilling to me?!

So here I am, revamping my business to include the things that I love to do the most: knitting and sewing. I get my talent from my mother, with whom I also collaborate on the many aspects of designing and making a project. Her years of experience with knitting and quilting, combined with my business sense and love of crafts are the makings of a great thing. We work well together and our styles complement each other.

As we go along we will share some of the things we are working on and keep you up to date with what's available in our shop.

Coming Soon
Cherished Moments will be opening a shop on! We are also experimenting with dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid. Check back soon to see the results.


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