Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Bee

Keeping Busy
I haven't posted in a while because I've been at my parent's bed and breakfast, helping them celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.  We had an excellent get together and all joined in to sing "With You I'm Born Again", the song my uncle sang at their wedding.  When I returned home, my husband surprised me with a plot of land in the community garden part of an urban farming project in our city.  Now I have a bunch of tomato, pickle cucumber, kolorabhi, jalapeno, basil, onion, and cilantro plants thriving!  It took 2 days of hard labor, but we got it all planted.

Current Projects
  • "The Dude" Sweater: Still in progress and the fair isle is still working pretty well for me.  For those of you working on this pattern, the size medium Chart 2a is a little off so you may have to improvise a little to make sure that it ends up looking like it's supposed to.  Also, after watching "The Big Lebowski" with my husband again, I noticed that "The Dude" sweater is a little bit darker than the Andrea Rangel pattern.  If you want to substitute the Ivory-looking main color with a little bit more of a fisherman's wool traditional color, it will be a little bit more true to form. 
  • Patriotic Toeless Socks with Cuff:  I have my own master pattern for socks after some trial and error with my first few pairs of socks that I made for myself, but I got the idea for a cuff from one of the Patons sock books.  Following the picture, I added a cuff to a toeless version of the socks of which one is almost done.  Once it's complete, I'll share photos.
Coming Soon
More pictures of my projects and progress.  Blogger picture uploads are currently not functioning on my computer.


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