Friday, April 22, 2011

Stitch and Ditch

Knit Machine: Second Attempt
I threw myself into knitting the front of the sweater vest I designed for my husband, determined to have something for him to try on by the time he returned home from work. The front proved to be much easier to complete on the knit machine today. I was able to finish the front at the precise moment my husband walked in the door. After piecing together the front and back, I realized that my calculations were a bit off. The arm holes were incredibly small and the neck hole did not look like it could fit my husband's head!

We both chuckled as he presented the sweater vest. He liked the length, but agreed that the armholes were a tad too small. Who said that your first design project had to turn out perfectly? I decided not to spend any more time on this particular failure, and added another point to the knit machine's score. Knit machine: 2, Melina: 0.

I did manage to work up a sweat while speeding through the construction of the front, and now I know a little bit more about the design process. I cannot wait until the day when I can picture something in my head and have it come out right the first time. A girl can only dream...

Side Projects
My husband is still dead set on having vests make a comeback for men. After a brief outing, armed with craft store coupons, I found a pattern for a child's vest that matched the pattern my husband purchased for himself. He is intent on having matching vests with our little boy. He even researched tailors who could make a few. Trying not to feel insulted at my husband's lack of confidence in my sewing skills (he has not seen any of my completed sewing projects), I continued on my search for the perfect pattern. As if such a thing exists.

I carefully measured my 20 month old and embarked on the mission to create matching vests for the two men in my life. I will keep you posted...

Coming Soon
Make sure to check back for progress updates on the new direction of Cherished Moments!


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