Sunday, May 8, 2011

Short and Sweet

Current Projects
Sewing: Matching vests
A few weeks ago, I posted about making matching vests for my husband and son.  Today, I made some progress, cutting out the fabric and working on the front pocket of my husband's vest.  I was reluctant to start the sewing portion because I was dreading pulling out the sewing machine that my mother handed down to me.  It's an old Singer sewing machine and most of the accessories are gone.  It does not have a zipper foot, sewing buttons and button holes (as per my mom's instructions) are a pain, and I could never get a straight seam.  Not to mention that this was the model that you could not switch bobbins at all!  If there were tension problems, you had to pull out the bobbin, all the thread on it, and remake the bobbin.  That said, it was better than the "el cheapo" sewing machine that was gifted to me as a youngin'.

Meanwhile, my husband had stopped talking about the vests altogether.  And then he made mention that after Mother's Day, I would definitely be happy.  At first, I thought it meant I was getting a dishwasher for Mother's Day, which would have overjoyed me.  Not only am I a stay at home mom, but all dishes have to be done by hand in our tiny closet of a kitchen.  Today, my husband unveiled...A COMPUTERIZED SEWING MACHINE!  It's a Brother CS-6000i and I love it already.  Everything is pretty much automated and it's very user-friendly.  Goodbye Singer, hello Brother!  Details to come as I learn the ins and outs of the new machine and get more done on the vests.

Entrelac Sox
Still no pictures, but I am more than halfway done with the second sock.  The lighting is not the best in my "office", but I'm glad that my experiments and projects are getting me that much closer to my goal of revamping Cherished Moments.

Coming Soon
Pictures, pictures, pictures.


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